Sat. May 18th, 2024

        The Cinnamon Bear was an old time radio program produced by the Transcription Company of America. The series was designed to be played six days a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will play for you all episodes in a single day on Wednesday December 23rd.

        Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon was also originally run between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 1938. The story starts out with six year old Jonathan Thomas lying in bed on Christmas Eve with his teddy bear Guz. While he is lying in bed, two elves slide down a moonbeam into his room. Guz, his teddy bear, chases the elves back up the moonbeam and Jonathan Thomas follows in order to get his Guz back.

        Upon reaching the moon, Jonathan Thomas meets the Man in the Moon and his horse Gorgonzola. After being accused of kidnapping Santa Claus, the troop is commanded to bring back him in time for Christmas.

        On their adventure, they confront an evil witch, a dragon with thirteen tales, and they meet several characters from the Lewis Carol classic: Alice in Wonderland.

        Will they be able to rescue Santa Claus from the Squeebubblians in time to save Christmas?

        We will air all episodes on Thursday December 24th.

Jonathan Thomas and the Cinnamon Bear

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