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Rhodes on God, giants and Macbeth’s invisible dagger

In its continuing campaign to take all the fun out of everything, Whitehall is considering an EU scheme for speed limiters in new cars. In theory, the moment you hit the speed limit, the car’s power cuts off. I once had a Triumph Herald like that. According to the old adage, radio drama is superior […]

Tacoma-based fiction podcast “The Adventures of Captain Radio” releases first season

Submitted by Obscure Studios Independent production company Obscure Studios announced today the release of its first-ever audio drama, “The Adventures of Captain Radio.” The first season, consisting of six 20-minute episodes, is available now. The scripted, full-cast science fiction drama pays homage to the radio shows of the 1930s, featuring classic tropes, rapid-fire dialogue, newsreel-style […]

The Moment Mark Hamill Knew He Wanted To Be A Voice Actor

BySandy Schaefer/April 5, 2022 11:35 am EDT If it weren’t for his role as Luke Skywalker in a little franchise called “Star Wars,” Mark Hamill would easily be better-known for the many, many famous characters he’s brought to life as a voice actor than a live-action performer. Moreover, Hamill knew he wanted to do voice […]

A Liam MacCarthy story – a new radio drama for Kilkenny, from next week

Community Radio Kilkenny City has announced it is to launch its first sojourn into a unique radio drama, written, acted, produced and presented within its own resources, and sponsored by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Called Liam Mac Carthy’s Story, the audience is carried on a journey that is only partly familiar to many, but […]

Faith Vibe team from Radio Maria nominated for award

RMEY Faith Vibe members in Radio Maria England studio. l-r: Alfie, Aoife, Maryam and Danny. Radio Maria England’s Youth Team – RMEY Faith Vibe – has been nominated for Most Innovative by the Young Audio Awards. This award will be given to the team who have made the most innovative digital and technical achievements in […]

This thriller audiobook by Louis Nowra will have you hooked with its secrets, lies, a murder trial, and sex scandals.

This brand new audio-drama only available on Audible, included in the Plus Catalogue. Image: Audible By Kerry Heaney Beatrice Dark is a riveting tale from well-known author, playwright and screenwriter, Louis Nowra. As one of Australia’s leading playwrights, his skill certainly shows in this brand new audio-drama only available on Audible, included in the Plus […]

Howl’s Moving Castle Gets New Audio Adaptation on BBC Radio 4

In 1986, Diana Wynne Jones began her Land of Ingary trilogy with Howl’s Moving Castle — and 18 years later, Studio Ghibli adapted it into an enchanting Oscar-nominated film. The movie sported several differences from the original book; and if you’d like to hear them brought to life, you can! BBC Radio 4 aired an hour-long audio adaptation of the book, directed by Simon […]