Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The streets of Dodge City have turned dangerous as a pair of swindling gamblers roll into town. Ben Corder and Harry Duggan aren’t just running a rigged game – they’ve hired a notorious gunman named Tocque Mallon to watch their backs and take out anyone who gets in their way. U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon is determined to shut down their crooked operation before more innocent lives are caught in the crossfire. But stopping the card sharps won’t be easy…because Tocque is an old friend-turned-foe with a twisted grudge against Dillon. Loyalties will be tested, guns will blaze, and the law will face its ultimate challenge in this classic clash of justice versus greed and deceit. Witness the iconic showdown as Marshal Dillon stares down the barrel of a friend’s gun to defend Dodge City from the insidious card sharps’ takeover.

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