Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

A young man’s haunting past threatens to destroy him when a string of violent incidents lead the legendary U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon right to his doorstep. After nearly being killed in a brazen barber shop confrontation, Dillon learns the shocking truth about why Dave Robbins harbors a deep grudge against all lawmen.

Robbins’ father was unjustly killed by a corrupt sheriff years ago, sending the boy down a dark path of anger and revenge. When a hard case outlaw named Luke Quiller manipulates Robbins into assaulting a loudmouth barber, it kicks off a deadly chain of events. A man lies dead, and all evidence points to Robbins as the killer.

But the tough-as-nails Marshal isn’t convinced and takes a big gamble to get Robbins to reveal what really happened that fateful night. In a gripping turn of events, Dillon uses deadly force to protect himself and his deputy, killing the true murderer Quiller.

Will the truth finally set Robbins free? Or will the ghosts of his past continue to haunt him? Find out in this tense episode from the classic TV series Gunsmoke, filled with surprising twists, dramatic gunplay, and an emotional climax you won’t soon forget. Hit play for an authentic taste of the gritty American West!

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