Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
A Coffin, A Cabin, and A Conspiracy: Will Captain Friday and Skip Turner Escape in Time?

A Coffin For the Lady Part 2 of 3 “As dusk was falling, – Skip Turner and I followed Judith Wright’s track to Port Lancer – an isolated Canadian coastline. – ” “She took us down the village’s main street before leading us into the woods and halting at a log cabin. – ” “We observed as she rang the doorbell and was welcomed inside. We crept up to the window only to see Judith being placed alive in a coffin, which would give even the bravest man shivers.” “Think back to a few days ago when Major Lawrence from an Army Intelligence branch came to my San Francisco office. He requested that I send one of my men to work for the government. Skip Turner, a skilled outdoorsman who can strike quickly in a pinch, was my choice. We were flown by seaplane to a remote cove off the Canadian coast. Our goal was to keep Judith Wright safe..”

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