Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

California’s Los Angeles is the name of the city. Here, I work. I’m a police officer. The date was March 9. In Los Angeles, it was foggy. We were on the homicide detail’s day watch. My colleague is Ben Romero, and Thad Brown, the Chief of Detectives, is my supervisor. Friday is my name. After seven months in the state prison for women, Annie Marie Johnson was granted parole, and we received a call regarding her release. She was lost to the parole office. Our role? Locate her. The care of Mrs. Laura Jean Muller was given to Annie Marie Johnson, a confessed murderer. Mrs. Muller, a former friend, adopted Annie and provided her with a home and a life. But after that, Mrs. Muller vanished. We were unable to locate Annie at the sanitarium where she claimed to be. We thoroughly searched the entire house. We discovered a fresh cement patch in the cellar. We dug. Mrs. Muller was located. The woman she had assisted, Annie Marie Johnson, had committed suicide.

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