Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Blizzard Night Showdown: Will Marshal Dillon Survive the Hornet's Nest in 'The Cabin'? #gunsmoke

Marshal Dillon Here. A blizzard was howling like a solitary coyote that night, and the temperature was colder than a prospector’s claim in the Klondike. A cabin, hidden out in the bush was where I found myself looking for protection. I had no idea that I had stepped into a dangerous hornet’s nest. You see, the cabin was inhabited by a pair of lawless outlaws, the likes of whom would make a grizzly bear look like a friendly jackrabbit. They had plans in place that were as opaque as a moonless night, and I was thrust into the middle of them getting ready for a showdown. I won’t say any more than that,. But I can guarantee that “The Cabin” will have you on edge as it tells a narrative of survival, law and order vs lawlessness. So give it a listen if you’re looking for some suspense and a flavor of the Wild West. Just keep in mind, that things aren’t always what they seem out here in the West.

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