Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024


SALT LAKE CITY —A few years ago, KSL Podcasts teamed up with FM100.3 and KSL NewsRadio to bring back the old-time radio drama and the tradition continues this year with an original production based on true donation stories to KSL’s Quarters for Christmas.

“Every year I keep track of every piece of mail that we get for donations for Quarters for Christmas. We have books upon books upon books,” Luanne Monson, KSL’s Community Initiative Coordinator said. “I love when we can take things that actually happened and share that in a fun Christmas drama.” “A Pocket Change Christmas” follows the story of three coins lost during a snow storm that still end up doing good.

KSL reporter Peter Rosen composed an original song for the radio drama. “I just said the words Quarters for Christmas and it sounded like a waltz Quarters for Christmas and so I wrote it in ¾ time and beyond that I thought about what the donations meant to the kids who get them.”

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