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The Secrets of Scotland Yard

        Hello and welcome again to the Friday 4 pack brought to you by Brando Classic old time radio. Today is Friday, September 29th 2017. This week’s winner is The Secrets of Scotland Yard. The show is hosted by successful writer, director, and Actor Clive Brook. The show also features many famous actors as well. When the show first aired in 1949, there was a huge fascination with true crime stories. With numerous magazines that filled the newsstands. The Secrets of Scotland Yard is a true crime story radio program. Today we’re going to feature 5 episodes for you since some of these are a bit on the short side. The last one you’re going to hear, Is The Bone From of Voicebox. This is the show that spun the next series of true crime stories, The Black Museum, Which was narrated by Orson Welles. We hope you enjoy the shows and Thank you again for your support of Brando Classic Old Time Radio.

  • Dr Ruxton Ax Killer
  • Fence
  • Kindly Doctor
  • Robbery On The Railways

The Secrets of Scotland Yard

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