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Conversations to Keep You Company

Mar 30, 2020 by:  Sonja Swanson Much like radio, there’s an intimacy to podcasts because you’re hearing a live human voice, right here in your room. While I was living overseas for seven years, there were times, no matter how many friends I had, that being alone in my tiny apartment felt, well, a little […]


Ten plays you can listen to on Audible

The audiobook app allows you a free 30 day trial, so what better way to spend it than listening to a wealth of fantastic plays read by some starry casts! 1. Girls and Boys Following her acclaimed performance in Dennis Kelly’s play at the Royal Court in 2018, Carey Mulligan reprises her role in this […]

The Archers will address the Coronavirus pandemic

It has been confirmed that The Archers will address the Coronavirus Jeremy Howe — editor of The Archers — has revealed: ‘For nearly 70 years Ambridge has been a haven for our audience, and so it continues to be.’ ‘Whilst Coronavirus might be coming to Borsetshire, listeners can still expect The Archers to be an escape, and […]


Radio drama educates, entertains during COVID-19 crisis

A community radio in Darjeeling has come up with a novel way to instruct and entertain its listeners during the lock down and self isolation caused by COVID-19 through radio plays on social issues. “We are holding a Radio drama series from Monday, March 23, during which we will feature a series of social dramas […]

Doctor Who’s David Tennant & Catherine Tate Reunite for Donna Audio Story

Doctor Who with David Tennant and Catherine Tate returned together to make a radio drama focusing on their character, Donna Noble. Tennant, the 10th doctor who restarted the long-standing British show, began working with Tate in the mid-2000s and recently collaborated with Big Finish on a radio play that depicted the adventures of fictional couples […]