Sat. May 18th, 2024

Doctor Who with David Tennant and Catherine Tate returned together to make a radio drama focusing on their character, Donna Noble.

Tennant, the 10th doctor who restarted the long-standing British show, began working with Tate in the mid-2000s and recently collaborated with Big Finish on a radio play that depicted the adventures of fictional couples in the gap between their seasons “Doctor Who”.

Tate, who will return on television as Donna Noble, also recorded his audio series, Donna Noble: Kidnapped, where he examined special space events and kidnappings that resulted from his traumatic library experience.

The series connects Donna with her best friend Nicky Ward Natalie Morrison and sees it and the symbolic TARDIS time machine, carried by extraterrestrials on their way to intergalactic planets, Middle Ages and parallel versions of Chiswick – all without doctors.

According to Digital Spy, however, Tennant will have a special guest appearance in one of four radio dramas in Kidnaps Box.

Big Finish includes the following episodes: “Out of this World” by Jacqueline Rayner, “Spinavia” by John Dorne, “Albion Wizard” by James Goss and “Chiswick Cowgirls” by Matt Fitton.

You can listen to an audio preview here. Tennant will star in Donna Sylvia’s mother, played by Jacqueline King. Other actors include Sebastian Armesto, Timothy Bentinck, Isla Blair, Phil Cornwell, Anthony Howell, James Joyce, Nisha Nayar, David Scofield, and Starky and Lydia West.

During Tennant as a doctor, he had several friends, but Donna and Tate developed a special friendship. His report was stranger and not as romantic as the doctor’s relationship with his former colleague, who felt new at the time.

Unfortunately, Don’s time for Doctor Who ended tragically when he was forced to forget all his wonderful adventures together.

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