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The Drama of Radio: The past and the future 0

The Drama of Radio: The past and the future

Audio drama’s special quality? It builds a private, exclusive picture in the mind of each audience member. By NEVILLE TELLER APRIL 22, 2021 00:31 Once upon a time radio was an integral part of everybody’s life, and daily listening included at least one radio drama program, often more. Anglos of a certain age brought up […]


Croatian Radio’s Drama “Earthquake” Wins BBC Best European Drama Award 2021

ZAGREB, 28 March 2021- Croatian Radio’s short radio drama “Earthquake”, from the Short Forms cycle, has won the BBC Best European Drama Award 2021, after reaching the finals with Austrian and Swiss radio shows. Katja Šimunić, the editor of the Short Forms show, confirmed that they had found out they had won the BBC Best European […]

The man behind Huron City Radio, ‘Fake radio station. Real funny’ has more projects coming

In some ways, fictional radio host Tom Bobbajobski is like all of us. Broadcasting from a boat in the middle of nowhere, shouting into the void, hoping someone’s listening. But not really, not if you don’t want to take it that seriously, said fake radio station “Huron City Radio” creator Daniel Williams. For the past two months Williams, a St. Clair resident, has been […]

Review: Knickers and Gnomes are On the Case

Online theatre has prompted an explosion of new radio plays and audio dramas as Cambridge thesps adapt their original works to the constraints of the pandemic. Roaring into the podcast game is Ella Palmer’s new spoof murder mystery, Knickers and Gnomes are On the Case, which releases new episodes every Monday and Friday on various […]


Apple TV puts its spin on the old-time radio thriller with ‘Calls’

Through the looking glass: “Who knows—what evil—lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. Mwuhaahaha.” I was always fascinated with old-time radio dramas as a kid. I think it was because my imagination visualized the scenes in a higher definition than our early 1980s TV with rabbit ears ever could. Apple is ready to […]

The Monsignor and The Supernatural

The Monsignor and The Supernatural

The Monsignor and The Supernatural a psycho-Drama on One… by Patrick McCabe   The Monsignor and The Supernatural by Patrick McCabe Continuing our Long Story Short series of reflective plays on Life in Lockdown, Patrick McCabe asks “Where did The Almighty go during this pandemic?”. The Monsignor and The Supernatural explores the dialogue between the Secular present and […]

Behind the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama

It will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023, but fans of The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama will happily celebrate this 10 part series anytime. Written by the late Brian Daley and starring Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels from the films alongside Perry King, Anne Sachs and Brock Peters as Han Solo, […]

The magic that is Radio

World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13 every year. For any old-age romantic, radios — like railways — hold a special place in the heart. This year marks one century and one decade of radio across the world. As students of media, we were told that radio is the most effective way of delivering […]

Crooked Path Productions Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Audio Fiction Podcast

click to enlarge Locally based Crooked Path Productions has just announced plans for Gabby & Scratch, a family friendly scripted audio fiction podcast. “I’m super excited to bring new stories to life and give families a chance to learn and laugh together,” says director/co-producer Jeremiah Isley in a press release. Gabby and Scratch aims to […]