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Podcast #291 – The New Adventures of Super Indian

A super hero comic is at the heart of The New Adventures of Super Indian, a forthcoming audio drama from Native Voices at the Autry. Our guests on the show include Super Indian’s creator, playwright and director, Arigon Starr (an enrolled member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma) and artistic director DeLanna Studi (an enrolled […]


Croatian Radio’s Drama “Earthquake” Wins BBC Best European Drama Award 2021

ZAGREB, 28 March 2021- Croatian Radio’s short radio drama “Earthquake”, from the Short Forms cycle, has won the BBC Best European Drama Award 2021, after reaching the finals with Austrian and Swiss radio shows. Katja Šimunić, the editor of the Short Forms show, confirmed that they had found out they had won the BBC Best European […]

The Monsignor and The Supernatural

The Monsignor and The Supernatural

The Monsignor and The Supernatural a psycho-Drama on One… by Patrick McCabe   The Monsignor and The Supernatural by Patrick McCabe Continuing our Long Story Short series of reflective plays on Life in Lockdown, Patrick McCabe asks “Where did The Almighty go during this pandemic?”. The Monsignor and The Supernatural explores the dialogue between the Secular present and […]

Crooked Path Productions Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Audio Fiction Podcast

click to enlarge Locally based Crooked Path Productions has just announced plans for Gabby & Scratch, a family friendly scripted audio fiction podcast. “I’m super excited to bring new stories to life and give families a chance to learn and laugh together,” says director/co-producer Jeremiah Isley in a press release. Gabby and Scratch aims to […]

Birmingham theater group finds radio journey works best in pandemic

Marcus Laban is a veteran actor, director and producer, but he’s never performed in, directed or produced anything quite like “The Two Gentlemen of Verona.” And even though the Birmingham Village Players member says it was a “fun challenge,” if he’s being totally honest he hopes it’s the last time he’s involved in such a […]

4 fantastic resources for audio drama

Before the telly found its place in every home, families gathered around the radio most nights to listen to voice actors enact riveting dramas. Deprived of visuals, listeners were forced to imagine what was being played out, and this further heightened the entire aural experience. Now, over 50 years later, radio dramas are seeing a […]