Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Egad! As a follow up to the audio podcast of the same name, Batman: The Audio Adventures has expanded from audio to visual. The new comic adventures present a world of lighthearted noir, now sans-Chris Parnell and audio in general.

Audio dramas like The Lone Ranger, The Adventures of Superman, or X-Minus One were once apart of a cutting edge media recipe. It supplemented the contemporary heroes of the time, and introduced the world to characters like Jimmy Olsen. Television would eventually replace radio drama’s place in the mutual partnership. Today, the success of series like Wolverine: The Long Night and it’s tie-in have  influenced a return to these partnerships.

The podcast’s writer and showrunner Dennis McNicholas makes his comic book debut with this first issue. I found it easy to compare his experience as a writer for SNL’s Weekend Update to the radio drama. However, to write Batman outright, he has to flex an entirely different muscle. Putting faces to the voices shrinks the room to appeal through imagination or improv. With nobody but his artist to rely on, McNicholas’ Batman bears the burden of making solid first impressions.

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