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29 Best Fiction Podcasts You Need To Check Out

Fiction podcasts are rapidly becoming a popular form of entertainment. There are so many podcasts it’s hard to know where to start. Of course, it’s impossible to go wrong with fiction podcasts. The best fiction podcasts keep the listener on the edge of their seats. They take the listener down a rabbit hole full of comedy, drama, mystery, and horror.

In many ways, fiction podcasts are the next evolution of radio play. They paint a picture of a story in the listener’s head using only words, music, and sounds. The vivid characters seem so real that you can almost touch them. The hosts bring intense fear and drama to the listener’s ears. They use words and language to manipulate the imagination and bring their fiction podcast to life. 

29 Best Fiction Podcasts You Need To Check Out

1. Welcome to Night Vale


Somewhere in the Southwestern United States sits the town of Night Vale. The ordinary and mundane town features all kinds of paranormal and strange happenings. The popular fiction podcast Welcome to Night Vale revolves around a radio show hosted by Cecil Gershwin Palmer. He reports on all the peculiar paranormal occurrences around town but treats them as boring everyday events. The funny audio drama is one of the best fiction podcasts you can listen to right now. The series’ success led to the creation of the Night Vale Presents production company. 

2. Wooden Overcoats


The Wooden Overcoats podcast is already considered one of Britain’s funniest sitcoms, and that includes the country’s best TV sitcoms as well. The hilarious fiction podcast revolves around two warring funeral homes. For years, Rudyard Funn and Funn Funerals have been the only game in the village of Piffling Vale. However, that soon changes when a new funeral director rolls into town. Critics praise the hilarious podcast and rank it as one of the best around the globe. 

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