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from Howl's Moving Castle (image courtesy GKIDS)

In 1986, Diana Wynne Jones began her Land of Ingary trilogy with Howl’s Moving Castle — and 18 years later, Studio Ghibli adapted it into an enchanting Oscar-nominated film. The movie sported several differences from the original book; and if you’d like to hear them brought to life, you can!

BBC Radio 4 aired an hour-long audio adaptation of the book, directed by Simon Barnard at Bafflegab Productions. The script was penned by Big Finish and Audible contributor Robert Valentine, with sound design by Richard Fox and music composed by Evelyn Sykes.

This time around, Howl is played by Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones), with Sophie portrayed by Miss Marple herself, Julia McKenzie. Also amongst the cast are Doctor Who regular Dan Starkey as Calcifer and Pippa Bennett-Warner (Gangs of London) as the Witch of the Waste. Robert Bathurst (Downton AbbeyToast of London) narrates.

Howl's Moving Castle on BBC Radio 4

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