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Lucy’s Easter drama to be aired on BBC radio

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 – Local People

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County Echo Reporter

by County Echo Reporter



Judas, a new drama by St Dogmaels screenwriter Lucy Gannon, is being aired on BBC Radio 4 this Easter

A RADIO drama on the crucifixion of Christ, which is being aired on BBC Radio 4 this Easter, is the latest project of a nationally renowned screenwriter from St Dogmaels.

Lucy Gannon, who has lived in the Cardigan area since 2004, has enjoyed a distinguished career as a TV writer – among the hit TV series she has created are Peak Practice, Bramwell and Soldier, Soldier.

But Judas may prove her most unusual work yet as it tells the story of the crucifixion from the point of view of Judas Iscariot­.

“Easter is the greatest and most life-transforming story ever told,” Lucy, 69, told the County Echo. “And I became greatly­ intrigued by the story of Judas Iscariot­.

“There were a number of men who walked alongside Jesus, but this man chose to betray him – why did he do that?

“While I wouldn’t say I’ve portrayed him in a particularly sympathetic light, I like to think I have portrayed him in a way that doesn’t look down on him and in a way that doesn’t judge him too fiercely.

“I love the medium of radio because the set-up tends to be just the director/­producer and the writer.

“On a TV series you generally have six or seven different producers which is just too much.

“I have written a number of radio productions but this is the first time I’ve written a morning drama.”

After creating so many beloved TV series, Lucy, who is a former nurse, social worker and military policewoman, is said to be one of only a handful of screenwriters in the industry whose very name on a project is enough to ensure it is commission­ed.

She was awarded an MBE for services to television drama in 1997.

Judas can be heard on BBC Radio 4 until Friday, 30 March, at 10.45am and 7.45pm, as well as on BBC iPlayer.

This week’s County Echo is out in shops Thursday.

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