Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
Marshal Dillon Uncovers Deadly Love Triangle in Wild West Showdown!

I, Marshal Matt Dillon, was immersed in a terrifying murder case throughout this horrific episode. Les Jones, a local farmer, was discovered dead from stab wounds, his Pharaoh winnings gone. My search led me to Tab Slade, the proprietor of a saloon, and Ben Ramirez, his business partner. As I looked more, I discovered a lynch mob determined to hang Slade for a crime he didn’t commit. Unexpectedly, a lady revealed out to be the real murderer. Ben’s wife Eve was actually his sister, despite popular belief. She had been murdering guys to collect their prizes in an effort to amass enough cash to leave her unhappy marriage. Ben’s untimely death from a gunshot wound changed the course of the investigation, leaving me to consider the sinister information that had been kept under the juniper tree. This served as a somber reminder that violence may lurk in the most unlikely locations.

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