Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
Tragic Death in Dodge How Marshal Dillon Exposes the Truth in 'Buffalo Hunters'!

“In the “Buffalo Hunters” episode, I encountered one of the most difficult situations of my career. Billy, a buffalo skinner, was brought into Dodge with horrendous lead burns on his face. Despite Doc’s best attempts, the unfortunate individual was unsuccessful. Billy got himself burned while melting lead for bullets, according to Gatliff, the buffalo hunter who brought him in. But I felt that something wasn’t quite right. The mystery only grew murkier as I dug deeper into the case. I couldn’t get rid of the sense that the two instances were related when a nester was discovered dead after being stabbed. No matter how bleak or disturbing the truth might be, I was committed to revealing it. It was my town, Dodge, and I wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to its residents. You’ll accompany me on this suspenseful trip in “Buffalo Hunters,” where every piece of information matters and every second can hold the key to cracking the case. It serves as a reminder of the harsh reality of life on the frontier and the extent I will go to maintain Dodge’s tranquility.”

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