Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

“It’s over the internet. And it’s out in the podcast directories. Everything they do, other people all around the world can hear,” explained Boone.

Earlier this year, My Pulse Radio was named the best high school radio station in the nation by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for the third time in six years.

“Do I think we’d be able to win three times in 6 years as a small town little radio station? No, that’s a big surprise, but I love it,” said Boone.

Media Broadcasting is one of 22 programs offered at ACTC.

“I think just giving it a chance, just try career and tech ed. It’s an elective course, so if you choose you don’t want to take it, try something else,” said ACTC Director Hollie Harrell.

In addition to winning Best High School Station, WPPB was a finalist in 17 other categories and brought home 1st place in four.

Best News Feature for Chaos at the Well, Best Radio Drama for Whodunnit, Best Talk Program for Teen Takes, and Best Logo for Mankind Unsolved.

You can listen to My Pulse Radio on the TuneIn app or by clicking here.

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