Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Here in Dodge City, I’ve got a really bad scenario on my hands. The Thompson family was among the settlers who were slain and scalped yesterday night. The local Indians are to blame, according to the enraged town residents. But to me, the data doesn’t seem to add up.

Although I’m attempting to maintain calm, many are calling for retribution. A mob has gathered with the intent of hanging any Indian they can locate. In the meantime, I had homesteaders and cattle ranchers fighting, tearing down fences, and setting fire to properties.

Me and my deputy Chester are investigating these homicides and scalpings day and night. Before the entire region erupts in violence and massacre, I want to apprehend the true murderers. Undoubtedly, a showdown will ensue. It won’t be a straightforward case of frontier justice; I’ll have to work damn hard at being a good lawman.

By admin