Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
King Falls AM

Normally, I am not that into audio dramas. In fact, almost every one I’ve tried thus far has been a big miss for me. Many come off as cheesy and trying too hard to be “serious media,”while some go too far in the other direction and are completely goofy in a way that gets draining after a period of time. In “King Falls AM,” however, I have finally found a dramatic podcast that has hooked me.

Similar in premise to the more well known paranormal podcast “Welcome to Night Vale,” the show follows Sam, a radio broadcaster and newcomer to the small town of King Falls, and Ben, his co-host, as they host a late night talk show in a rural community where there are regularly paranormal events. Each episode is about 15-30 minutes in length and covers what would be a segment in King Falls AM, their show, though the segment is typically interrupted by various supernatural occurrences which vary in seriousness and intensity.

The show hooks listeners right from the beginning and tells a compelling story that gets off to an exciting start without dawdling. If it wasn’t entirely obvious, the series is presented in narrative order, meaning you should start from the beginning, but with the short episode lengths, the eighty episode backlog isn’t too intimidating.

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