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It’s only in recent years that the horrors of Canada’s residential schools have really made the news in the US, but their effects on the country’s Indigenous communities have been profound and lingering. This 8-part series delves into the abuses experienced by four students who attended one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools—only three of whom made it out alive—as well as how the legacy of trauma left by the residential schools continue to impact their communities to this day.

My Favorite Murder

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True crime and comedy may not seem like a natural fit, but this mega-hit podcast proves that these two great tastes can taste great together. On it, hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark take turns telling the stories of real world crimes, but it’s really their personalities and ability to find the humor in their stories while still honoring the victims that has turned the podcast into a sensation. As they say, SSDGM: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered.

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