Sat. May 18th, 2024

Hello everyone! I’m Marshal Dillon, and I have a tale to tell you. Approximately when a man with hands so large that he could have smacked a bear called it a handshake! It is the “Big Hands” episode, and it is more irrational than a coyote in a coffee pot.

People in Dodge City couldn’t help but watch when the stranger with the large hands entered the city. Others said he was a professional high-fiver, while some claimed he was a pianist who got carried away with finger exercises. Me? I just prayed he wouldn’t declare a thumb war with me.

When a neighborhood scoundrel attempted to provoke a fight with Big Hands, things really got interesting. Naturally, I intervened and warned him, “Son, don’t mess with those hands, or you might find yourself in a different time zone!”

We discovered that those enormous hands were only a metaphor for a big heart after some investigation and laughter. We were all taught a lesson by the stranger about not judging a book or, in this case, a cowboy, by his gloves.

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