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Michael Troughton inherits his father’s role as Big Finish enliven a niche of Doctor Who continuity.

A greying Second Doctor working for the Time Lords with an older Jamie in tow? While fans delighted at Patrick Troughton’s return for ‘The Two Doctors’, building on his appearance in the show’s 20th Anniversary Special, it was a head-scratcher for anyone familiar with Doctor Who’s history.

The Second Doctor’s original run concluded with 1969’s epic 10-parter ‘The War Games’, in which he was apprehended by his own people. Tried for interfering in universal affairs, he was forced to regenerate and exiled to Earth. Meanwhile, companions Jamie and Zoe returned to their own times, robbed of the memories of their adventures.

Fans squared the circle of this discontinuity these later appearances with the notion of a “Season 6b”; the theory speculates that the Doctor was conducting plausibly deniable missions for the Time Lords before his exile. Slowly but surely, over the years, the concept slid into acceptance via various books and comics.

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