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The X-Files: new Audible drama to star Duchovny & Anderson

The X-Files: Cold Cases is an audio drama adapted by Dirk Maggs, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson… As we’re told negotiations continue for Fox to make more X-Files episodes, fans will have a new opportunity to experience David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson playing the FBI’s weirdest in The X-Files: Cold Cases, an Audible-exclusive drama based on Joe […]


TIH 140: Betty Rocksteady on Like Jagged Teeth, Bizarro, and Arachnophile

About Betty Rocksteady Betty Rocksteady is your everyday Canadian weirdo with a leaning towards the macabre and grotesque. Besides writing violent and sexual and just plain weird fiction, she does black and white horror illustration. Her debut novella, Arachnophile, was part of Eraserhead Press’ 2015 New Bizarro Authors Series. If you’ve been dying to read about […]


Radio Icebox releases new podcast

An addition to Radio Icebox’s catalog of audio fiction podcasts has recently been made. Season two, episode 10 – “J.J. Stares into the Void,” was released March 31 and is now online and ready for listening, said a press release. ‘Radio Icebox’ is the premiere series of the Icebox Radio Theater, a non-profit, theater media […]

Perry Mason 0

Perry Mason

Perry Mason was a weekday program with episodes running at 15 minutes each. Due to the 15 minutes of each we are airing eight episodes instead of four. The part of Perry Mason was...

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David Harding’s Counter Spy

Counterspy was an espionage drama radio series starring David Harding as Don MacLaughlin and aired on the NBC Blue Network (later the ABC) and Mutual from May 18, 1942 to November 29, 1957. Don...

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“INSIDE PSYCHO” podcast explores the untold story in new vivid horror series!

In January 2017, Wondery launched their “HOLLYWOOD & CRIME” audio drama which took listeners through Hollywood’s most notorious crimes with a focus on the Black Dahlia Murder case. Now, they are back to launch their next original series, ““! This in-depth production is bone-chilling. With a much needed “for mature audiences only” warning to open the episode, […]


Dangerous Visions

Episode 1 Part 1. It’s the Solstice music festival, when 150,000 people descend on a farm in the North-East for the open-air event of the summer. The audience pours in from all over the UK and beyond. The artistes come from all round the globe. The journalists likewise. Among the hacks is Zoe Meadows, who […]

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Inner Sanctum Mysteries

The anthology series featured stories of mystery, terror and suspense, and its tongue-in-cheek introductions were in sharp contrast to shows like Suspense and The Whistler. The early 1940s programs opened with Raymond Edward Johnson...