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You’ll be able to watch it on Radio 4’s YouTube channel.

Being the visual entertainment medium that it is, you might be surprised to findout BBC Radio 4 has now dabbled in virtual reality (VR) for its new online audio drama Quake.

Made up of 12 short form audio pieces, Quake is set as the search for survivors begins after a deadly earthquake. Each drama is only available online and accompanied by a graphic-novel style animation. But for the first episode, a 360-degree film has been created.

Quake screenshot

Made by BAFTA award-winning video production company BDH Immersive, the film takes place inside a collapsed building, and as the viewer’s eyes become accustomed to the darkness, the sights and sounds of their surroundings become apparent.

Rhian Roberts, Digital Editor at Radio 4 said: “Quake is designed as something that can fit into whatever space you have available in the day, choosing episodes to suit, or listening to the whole thing as a podcast. It’s an exciting innovation in how we offer Radio 4 drama to both new and existing audiences.  The slow paced visuals offer an extra dimension to each episode, but it’s always the audio drama that leads the way.”

The film will support multiple VR headsets, viewable on the Radio 4 YouTube channel and on the Radio 4 website. Quake will also be available as a complete box-set from 15th May 2017.

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