Tue. Oct 27th, 2020
    Icebox Radio Theater

    An addition to Radio Icebox’s catalog of audio fiction podcasts has recently been made.

    Season two, episode 10 – “J.J. Stares into the Void,” was released March 31 and is now online and ready for listening, said a press release.

    ‘Radio Icebox’ is the premiere series of the Icebox Radio Theater, a non-profit, theater media group that tells stories through the medium of podcasting.

    The most recent podcast is another installment of the Radio Icebox’s ‘Triple Scoop Podcasting’ program. It features an air check of Radio Icebox, northern Minnesota’s most unique community station, an original audio drama and ‘The Rest of the Story,’ in which listeners hear another chapter in the lives of the wacky cast of characters that live in Icebox, Minnesota – the town the internet forgot.

    The radio play for the episode is ‘The Ambition Club,’ a dramatic story originally produced by the Icebox Radio Theater in 2011. Offering real insight into life in a small town, ‘The Ambition Club’ was ranked in the top 10 of all time Icebox Radio Theater productions.

    To learn more about Icebox Radio Theater or to watch the latest podcast, visit iceboxradio.org.

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