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New radio drama ‘Secrets of Harridge House’ premieres Friday on Carson City’s KNVC

by Scott Young Secrets of Harridge House, a weekly radio drama produced by Proscenium Players, Inc. and KNVC 95.1 FM Carson City premieres this Friday, Oct. 30, 2020 at 8 p.m. Created by John Adams and Scott Young, the story follows three siblings who were separated as infants and reunited almost 30-years later as they […]

Best scary podcasts to binge-listen on Halloween

“My Favorite Murder,” “Limetown,” “Last Podcast on the Left,” and more creepy listening rec’s to spook your ears. With Halloween right around the corner, the time is nigh for getting into the ghostly spirit: mind, body and twisted soul! Sometimes it feels like we’re already living inside a horror movie, with the Great Trumpkin in […]


The best horror podcasts to listen to right now

There’s something so satisfying about listening to a horror story as opposed to seeing it on the movie screen. Your imagination makes the shadowy figure that much closer behind you, the walk home at night longer and quieter, the stranger’s smile on the other side of the door more sinister and demented. The mind is […]