Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
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Fans of House of Cards will love this political audio drama, which, although highly reminiscent of the recent US election, was supposedly in the works long before the outcome was known.

In Terms, a populous candidate with controversial, conservative opinions is elected the president of the United States, but the popular current Republican president is determined to stop him from taking office, secretly betraying his own party during the last few months of his second term.

This high-tension, behind-closed-doors drama explores the relationship between the media, investigative journalists, important political players, and their sometimes subversive wives. With fortnightly episodes around 20 minutes long, you will find yourself impatiently waiting for more. Although the episodes are short, they move quickly and take the time to develop carefully crafted and varied scenes, each one of which is a gem in itself. Whether it was created when the race was called, or long in the works, this podcast is well thought out – and relevant.

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