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Caalo Xan

Caalo Xan Learn more about the Caalo Xan universe on a fun tour aboard Rex Stargazer’s Virtual Space Traveling Kiosk.. Welcome to the official homepage of CAALO XAN, a Science Fiction Audio Drama with a full cast, original music, and an engaging story. Inspired by our love of all things sci-fi, and an appreciation of […]


Christopher Eccleston to play tyrant King Oedipus in new BBC radio drama

By Ben Dowell Saturday 12 November 2016 at 7:00AM Former Time Lord Christopher Eccleston is to play the tyrannical Athenian King Oedipus in a new BBC radio adaptation of the Sophocles classic. The actor said he was “honoured and proud” to take the lead role in Anthony Burgess’s “brilliant and daring” version of the tragedy […]


The Story So Far: Fiction Podcasts Take Their Next Steps

From left, Eli Horowitz, Alex Blumberg and Mark Phillips at a Gimlet Media studio; founded by Mr. Blumberg, Gimlet is a maker of podcasts that is expanding into fictional narrative with “Homecoming,” directed by Mr. Horowitz and sound design by Mr. Phillips. Credit George Etheredge for The New York Times On one long August day, […]


Melodrama takes viewers back to 1940s radio studio

RAUCOUS—Connor Pratt, Sandy Pratt and Lauren Rachel star in “The 39 Steps,” a melodrama that runs through Sunday at High Street Arts Center in Moorpark. Courtesy of Barbara Mazeika “The 39 Steps” began its climb into the public consciousness as a 1915 adventure novel by John Buchan. Its popularity stepped up considerably when Alfred Hitchcock […]

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And Now, Gang Busters !!

ang Busters was produced and directed by Phillips H. Lord and remained on the air for 21 years between 1936 – 1957. Phillips H. Lord worked closely with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover We...