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Terms: Emily Hall’s political Podcast Pick

Fans of House of Cards will love this political audio drama, which, although highly reminiscent of the recent US election, was supposedly in the works long before the outcome was known. In Terms, a populous candidate with controversial, conservative opinions is elected the president of the United States, but the popular current Republican president is […]


‘Perfect Little World’ Imagines Family Drama Inside A Utopian Compound

Utopian communities don’t fare much better in fiction than they do in real life. As the plot usually unfolds, a brave new world loses its luster fast when the failings of its founder are exposed, or when the community itself begins to morph into a cult. Think of Lauren Groff’s Arcadia or Carolyn Parkhurst’s Harmony, […]


The making of a killer … podcast

Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter work on their podcast ‘Hollywood and Crime’ from their home in Leland. Dan Wanschura Rebecca Reynolds and her husband, Jim Carpenter are filmmakers from Leland, Michigan.  About two years ago, Rebecca had a conversation with a friend in Los Angeles. Together, they came up with the concept for a true […]

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Betty and Bob is this Week’s 4 Pack Winner

Betty and Bob was one of the earliest examples of the radio soap opera. The soap opera followed the lives of Betty and Bob Drake. Betty was a secretary who falls madly in love with her boss, bachelor Bob Drake. The two wed and each day, the subject matter dealt with everything from love to hate, […]



10-Part Weekly Audio Series Stars Tika Sumpter, Golden Globe Winner Tracee Ellis Ross, Wood Harris, Omari Hardwick, Lance Reddick, Cory Hardirct, Lahmard Tate and Brittany Snow, Written by Academy Award® and BAFTA nominee Josh Olson (A History of Violence) LOS ANGELES, Calif. –Jan. 24, 2017 – Cinema Gypsy Productions and TateMen Entertainment alongside AudioHQ are […]


Isaac Asimov’s Classic iRobot Gets the Audio Drama Treatment on Radio 4

So we all know that despite the Three laws of Robotics that Isaac Asimov’s came up with it’s only a matter of time before robots become self aware, circumvent the laws and go kill crazy (Amazon Alexa I’m looking at you). So while we are waiting for the extermination of humankind how about a nice relaxing […]

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DR Christian is this week’s winner

        Dr. Christian was broadcast on CBS from 1938 through 1950 on Sundays. The Role of Dr. Christian was played by Jean Hersholt and over it’s 12 year run, was sponsored by Vaseline. The serialized...

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World Radio Day 2017: Anti-Valentines Radio Drama Challenge!

Buck the romantic trends and celebrate Valentine’s Day differently at our fun-filled radio drama workshop for adults. To celebrate World Radio Day 2017 and commemorate Valentine’s, we will be teaming up with Foyles to challenge you to script, perform & broadcast your very own live radio drama complete with DIY sound effects. The theme is […]