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The Line Up0

The Line Up

        The radio version of The Line Up depicted the investigations of Lieutenant Ben Guthrie and Sergeant Matt Grebb, detectives in the police force of an unnamed “great American city.” Bill Johnstone, one of several...

That Hammer Guy0

That Hammer Guy

        “That Hammer Guy” made its radio debut in 1953, at the height of Mickey Spillane’s tough, trigger-happy, skirt-chasing detective Mike Hammer’s popularity. Broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System from January 6, 1953 until October...

Perry Mason0

Perry Mason

Perry Mason was a weekday program with episodes running at 15 minutes each. Due to the 15 minutes of each we are airing eight episodes instead of four. The part of Perry Mason was...

Council tenants tell tales on radio (and in a book)0

Council tenants tell tales on radio (and in a book)

there is a stranger is my house! This is the gripping opening of an audio drama written by a first-time author and a resident living in a Wellington City Council Housing unit. It is one …13 June 2016

Council tenants tell tales on radio (and in a book)

Maria’s heart was beating fast. “What have I done

Stand By for Crime Part 20

Stand By for Crime Part 2

Glen Langen stars as news achor Chuck Morgan at KOP, a LA Radio station.  His buddy, Lieutenant Bill Miggs of the police force, tips him off to hot crime news.  Adele Jurgens plays Chuck’s...