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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Product Details Author Benjamin Franklin Narrator Greg Houser Publisher Unabridged Edition Running Time 6 Hrs. 30 Min. User Rating   4.5  <!– Stars Based on 35 ratings –> Stars Based on 35 ratings Share This Description The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is a personal account of the life of the famous American statesman, businessman, philosopher, […]

Wondery Debuts ‘American History Tellers,’ Sets Launch Of ‘Launch’

Podcast network WONDERY has launched one new show and announced another new show coming later this month. AMERICAN HISTORY TELLERS, hosted by LINDSAY GRAHAM (not the Senator) and written by AUDRA WOLFE, tells stories behind the familiar stories of American history, starting with tales of the Cold War.  The show launched last week with three […]

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Why America Wrote the Declaration of Independence

        by Joseph F. Kobylka         In this lecture, Professor Joseph F. Kobylka partners with The Great Courses to examine the combination of events and ideas that contributed to the development of America’s ultimate petition to...


“HOLLYWOOD & CRIME” graphic docudrama commemorates Black Dahlia 70th anniversary!

Many avid horror fans cherish gruesome fictional stories, film plots and characters, but many can also appreciate the depiction of a terrifying true crime story as well. A new graphic docudrama series, “HOLLYWOOD & CRIME,” has been unearthed and is an investigative podcast that focuses on Hollywood’s most notorious crimes. The first series examines the “Black Dahlia” murder case to commemorate […]

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Golden Memories of Radio Part 2

        This week’s winner of the 4 pack poll is Part 2 of Golden Memories of Radio narrated by radio announcer Frank Knight. Below are the segments you will here The March Toward World War...

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Destination Freedom

ichard Durham created Destination Freedom which premiered on June 27, 1948 on Chicago radio WMAQ to battle the perception of the African American Society as defined by White Supremacists groups. Durham asked for nothing...