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Frank Lovejoy

          Welcome to the Friday four pack for Friday February 6, 2015. This week’s winner is one of my favorite old Time Radio shows, Night Beat starring Frank Lovejoy. Frank Lovejoy was a popular American film, radio, TV star. His Television Career consisted of Just 2 shortly run Series which ran for very limited amount of time and neither one are available on DVD or VHS. The shows were Man Against Crime and Beat McGraw. Frank did star in a number of movies. His first movie was Blackbart in 1948 and arguable his biggest role Was Gilbert Bowen in the movie The Hitchhiker Which was released in 1953. He was born March 28, 1912 and died October 2, 1962 at the age of 50. Frank Lovejoy was a very talented, and believable actor which I think you will see by listening to Night Beat. Frank plays Randy Stone who is a reporter walking the streets of Chicago looking for criminals and troubled souls The show featured a great supporting cast, Fabulous music, and sound effects. The Four episodes of Night Beat today are ‘Murder of the Dream’, ‘Night is a Weapon’, ‘Number 13’ and ‘The Slasher’. We sure hope you enjoy the shows and be sure to vote in next week’s 4 pack Poll. You can do so by going to Either or Now it’s time for Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone in Night Beat.Origin of Superstitution has replaced Night Beat in the Friday the 13th poll.  Go Here to Vote

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