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The Lone Ranger

956 Radio Episodes of the classic Lone Ranger Radio Show were broadcast starting in 1933 along with 221 Television Episodes and multiple Movies making The Lone Ranger one of the most iconic figures in...

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Thanksgiving Lineup

Here is our Special Thanksgiving Day Lineup of classic Old Time Radio programs featured on Brando Classic Old Time Radio. We wish you all a very special Thanksgiving Holiday!! Jack Benny – Jack Discovers...

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And Now, Gang Busters !!

ang Busters was produced and directed by Phillips H. Lord and remained on the air for 21 years between 1936 – 1957. Phillips H. Lord worked closely with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover We...

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A Date With Judy

Date with Judy was an American old time radio program during the 1940s. It was a teenage comedy that began as a summer replacement for Bob Hope’s show, sponsored by Pepsodent and airing on...

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Animal, vegetable or mineral?

nimal, vegetable or mineral? These are the categories covered in the classic game of 20 Questions, a classic old time radio quiz show from the 1940’s. Sit back and play along and thanks for...

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Check out The Truth Podcast!!

We are a completely independent production, and we create our own original stories. Many of our actors perform and teach at Magnet Theater in New York City. Our stories are directed, mixed, and sound designed by Jonathan Mitchell, who has been making radio for nearly 20 years. Our stories have been broadcast all over the […]