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Amos and Andy

et in Harlem, Amos and Andy centered around the activities of George Stevens aka Kingfish, a guy who was always looking for a way to make a fast buck. As head of the Mystic...


This Creepy Radio Broadcast Played With the Power of the Medium

On October 30, 1939, radio history was born when Orson Welles pranked the nation with a hyperrealistic broadcast of The War of the Worlds. The stunt didn’t cause people to hunker down in fear of an alien invasion, as the apocryphal story goes, but it did cause the FCC to get radio stations to agree […]


L.A. Theater Works Brings ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’ to Jamestown

JAMESTOWN – A major production focusing on one of the most significant legal milestones of the 20th century will be coming to Jamestown this weekend. The national theater tour of “Judgment at Nuremberg” will be presented Sunday, Oct. 30 at 2 p.m. at Reg Lenna Center for The Arts. The live – in performance radio […]

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A New Generation of Audio Drama Makes Debut in November with “Silver Spring Inquiries”

SILVER SPRING, Md. – Oct. 27, 2016 – EntSun — Createrly, LLC, a Silver Spring, MD-based creative production company will release the first season of the “Silver Spring Inquiries,” a modern noir audio drama series. Developed by director/producer Nate Fisher, the “Silver Spring Inquiries” web serial aims to usher in a new generation of audio […]

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Mark Froelich: Ayersville graduate serves up Halloween show

Ayersville High School graduate Craig Wichman has served up another national radio broadcast you should listen to over the Halloween weekend. His Quicksilver Radio Theater returns to where they began 20 years ago for a special presentation of “Frankenstein Modern Prometheus,” their Silver Reel-winning audio drama, part of host Max Schmid’s four-hour Halloween Spectacular on […]

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Happy World Series Day

o celebrate the start of the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, I thought I would throw together a quick podcast featuring Game 5 of the 1948 World Series featuring...


The best horror podcasts to listen to right now

There’s something so satisfying about listening to a horror story as opposed to seeing it on the movie screen. Your imagination makes the shadowy figure that much closer behind you, the walk home at night longer and quieter, the stranger’s smile on the other side of the door more sinister and demented. The mind is […]


2016 Presidential Candidate Biographies

2016 has proven to be one of the most dramatic, controversial, and consequential U.S. Presidential election cycles in American history. With Republican nominee Donald Trump making an unprecedented rise amid an increasingly divided party, his populist cry to “Make America Great Again” is met by Democratic stalwart and lifelong politician Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sitting in […]

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SF 68 featuring classic tale Last Rites

F 68 was a South African Old Time Radio Sci-Fi radio program which aired in 1968. One of the episodes you are going to here is called Last Rites         Last Rites tells the story...