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Intergalactic Nemesis Returns with ‘Twin Infinity’

The unique live-action graphic novel, Intergalactic Nemesis with the “Twin Infinity” installment comes to the Bankhead Theater on Friday evening, March 17, 2017. Although it is the third and final installment in the series, the “Twin Infinity” story line is a standalone adventure featuring the same main characters, Molly Sloan and Timmy Mendez, on an […]


“HOLLYWOOD & CRIME” graphic docudrama commemorates Black Dahlia 70th anniversary!

Many avid horror fans cherish gruesome fictional stories, film plots and characters, but many can also appreciate the depiction of a terrifying true crime story as well. A new graphic docudrama series, “HOLLYWOOD & CRIME,” has been unearthed and is an investigative podcast that focuses on Hollywood’s most notorious crimes. The first series examines the “Black Dahlia” murder case to commemorate […]


Val McDermid writes apocalyptic Radio 4 drama about antibiotic resistance

Val McDermid has written an apocalyptic science thriller on the failure of antibiotics for BBC Radio 4, entitled “Resistance”. The three-part drama was written exclusively for the radio station, reflecting concern within the scientific community about the rise of antibiotic resistance, through the Experimental Stories scheme, the BBC Radio 4 and Wellcome’s annual two-day workshop in which radio writers and producers work with researchers […]

Real-life concerns of scientists inspire Val McDermid drama on deadly outbreak 0

Real-life concerns of scientists inspire Val McDermid drama on deadly outbreak

Leading Scottish crime writer Val McDermid has written a new BBC drama about an apocalyptic epidemic – based on the real-life concerns of scientists. Their concerns about the rise of antiobiotic resistance across the planet will be replayed out in the Radio serial about a mystery illness which engulfs a music festival. Our Friends In […]


Terms: Emily Hall’s political Podcast Pick

Fans of House of Cards will love this political audio drama, which, although highly reminiscent of the recent US election, was supposedly in the works long before the outcome was known. In Terms, a populous candidate with controversial, conservative opinions is elected the president of the United States, but the popular current Republican president is […]


‘Perfect Little World’ Imagines Family Drama Inside A Utopian Compound

Utopian communities don’t fare much better in fiction than they do in real life. As the plot usually unfolds, a brave new world loses its luster fast when the failings of its founder are exposed, or when the community itself begins to morph into a cult. Think of Lauren Groff’s Arcadia or Carolyn Parkhurst’s Harmony, […]


The making of a killer … podcast

Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter work on their podcast ‘Hollywood and Crime’ from their home in Leland. Dan Wanschura Rebecca Reynolds and her husband, Jim Carpenter are filmmakers from Leland, Michigan.  About two years ago, Rebecca had a conversation with a friend in Los Angeles. Together, they came up with the concept for a true […]



10-Part Weekly Audio Series Stars Tika Sumpter, Golden Globe Winner Tracee Ellis Ross, Wood Harris, Omari Hardwick, Lance Reddick, Cory Hardirct, Lahmard Tate and Brittany Snow, Written by Academy Award® and BAFTA nominee Josh Olson (A History of Violence) LOS ANGELES, Calif. –Jan. 24, 2017 – Cinema Gypsy Productions and TateMen Entertainment alongside AudioHQ are […]